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Diana Works With Clients Worldwide

While challenging, COVID has also resulted in new methodologies and ways of doing things. Diana now works with clients worldwide, with appointments and testing being on Zoom. You no longer have to drive hours to get to the specialist, saving you precious hours and money.

Using specialized testing built for the online format, you can now get the benefit of Diana’s experience no matter where you live.

For our Australian families, we are happy to work with those who are self and plan managed. Please ask us how it works.

Initial Appointment

Connecting through a private zoom meeting room, this appointment will allow Diana to connect with you and go over your child’s history and formulate an approach to help you. The child’s history will be provided electronically through a series of online questions that you can complete in your own time prior to the consultation. This will give Diana a chance to get an overview of your child before you meet.

What to Expect at The Initial Appointment:

  • Review of your child’s history
  • Review of any footage or feedback you may have been asked to provide
  • Review of any previous diagnosis or doctor’s reports
  • Formal screening for auditory processing skills including a written report (option 2 only)
  • Use of any other testing procedures Diana deems necessary to get an overall picture

Option 1 – under 5 years


for children under 5 years and/or limited verbal skills

Option 2 – 5 years and over


for children or adults over 5 years with verbal skills (able to repeat words and sentences) through headphones.

Testing for Option 2 will include Scan-C and TAPS. Scan C tests the ability of each ear to process sound under difficult circumstances. TAPS screens for auditory short-term and working memory

Written report includes test results given at follow up appointment (Option 2 only)

Follow Up Appointment – $85

At your following up appointment, you will receive your written report (if you chose option 2 or a verbal report with option 1) with an individualized program for moving forward with your child. The process will be fully explained

6 Weekly Review Appointments – $85

If you choose to move forward with your individualized program, you and your child will meet with Diana via zoom every 6 weeks to collect your new program for the next 6 weeks. Diana will also do any necessary testing to enable her to monitor progress.

Program Rewrite Fees – $50

New 6 weekly program written and sent

6 Month Support Package – $425

Package is valid for 6 months from the date your program starts. It includes:

  • Priority scheduled appointment every 6 – 8 weeks
  • Personalized programs written for the next 6 weeks
  • Any testing and monitoring done during your follow up appointments
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Further support packages at a discounted rate of $385
  • Discounted rate of $385 for other members of the family
See approximate pricing for The Listening Program

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