The Movement Program

What is The Movement Program? The Movement Program is a sequence of progressive movements over a 12 week period. Research results have shown significant improvement in reading age, academic performance, and English exam results, as well as balance, coordination and the inhibition of primitive reflexes.

TMP draws on many areas of movement and development programs. There are many different programs using movement to improve development and learning. Most of them such as Move to Learn, focus upon one particular area of development.

However, once a certain program is completed, there can be many areas that still require attention. For example, if primitive reflexes can be integrated, we still need to consider higher levels of development such as:-

– Bi-lateral and cross lateral integration
– Gross and fine motor skill development
– Beat competency and rhythm training
– Sequencing of information for motor and cognitive skill development
– Visual motor improvements
– Vestibular and proprioceptive development
– Relaxation and stress reduction

Reading results following implementation of The Movement Program.
(Weschler Objective Reading Dimensions (WORD) Basic words)

The Movement Program works with the main identified reflexes that prevent learning and is a holistic, drug free developmental program with these key differences: –

1. Delivery by streaming video with a specific order of delivery through the 12 weeks
2. Each week becomes developmentally more progressive
3. ABC design – Warm up each day, followed by specific developmental areas, then a relaxing sequence
4. Easy to implement at home or school. Only requires a chair and enough room to lift your leg and arm.
5. The 15-20 minute program consists of many different areas of movement, rhythm and other developmental sequences that cover a wide range of skills for improved cognitive function, reading success, learning and movement.
8. Target age range is around 8 – 13 years although is also used with older children with complex needs and has been used with children as young as 6 years.

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