Voice from Within

What Do Parents Need To Know Before Their Baby is Born? Every parent needs knowledge of how their baby’s auditory system develops and the role it plays in learning, growing physically and brain architecture. The correct processing of sound impacts every facet of learning yet this knowledge is not found in any baby book.

Voice from Within comes from Diana’s fascination with the auditory system and how our ability to process sound is vital to every facet of learning.

Through working with children with Kindermusik, The Movement Program and The Listening Program, she wanted parents to have the kind of knowledge she had taken decades to learn even before their baby was born.

“There is so much that we wouldn’t do or would implement if we only had the knowledge when we were pregnant” she says. There is so much conflicting information out there and the type of information that is taught in these lessons is not found in your normal baby classes.

Weekly Sessions

Voice from Within offers weekly sessions for pregnant Mums. Classes are live, virtual classes from the comfort of your own home and run for 30 – 45 minutes.

Classes include:

  • music and movement
  • socializing activities
  • steady beat work
  • massage
  • child and brain development information

“Most people sing or play music to their baby, but none knows the true power that music and sound have in the process of learning.”

Diana F Cameron

Our program builds community for these mothers; like minded individuals going through the same thing at the same time that can relate to their circumstances. There is comfort in being able to make friends with other expectant mothers and some of these women will build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Classes are launching soon so register your interest now.

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