Piano Fees

The price of lessons is currently AUD$45 (USD$32) per 30 minutes plus books. The cost of books depends on where you live in the world. You will be purchasing them from Amazon and prices vary according to country.

Piano BooksAUD$28 per book (usually lasts minimum 9 weeks)
USD$20 per book
Billed a term in advance
(9 – 10 weeks)
AUD$30 per 20 mins (USD$20)
AUD$45 per 30 mins (USD$31)

We use a range of books from the Wunderkeys series. They suit children from preschoolers right through to adults and contain a range of music from classical to rock.

We find the cartoon inspired trilogy and other books particularly popular with our teens and our students never get sick of the range of music.

Books contain activities for aural training, rhythm work, note reading, playing expressively, games and puzzles.

Kindermusik Fees

Invoices are billed according to Australian terms which are 9 – 10 weeks long. (Feb – Apr) (Apr – June), (July to Sept), (Oct – Dec)

VALUE FOR MONEY:  Your enrolment includes a guaranteed 9 classes per term for the class of your choice. Don’t want a whole term? Why not sign up for a 4 week block for AUD$99.00 (USD$80)

What if the term has started?  No problem. Our terms are made up of 2 monthly themes (9 weeks in total) so your child can start at any time. We will prorate your fees from your start date. If your child’s needs change and you need to swap classes, we can simply move you around as required at the end of the month’s unit as long as there is a space available.

I think I was very fortunate to have the best when I began my early childhood music training. Diana’s wealth of experience and classroom knowledge made the program that much easier to understand and translate into practical use. Every class and every child is so different and having a mentor who could offer different strategies for these situations so valuable. I think I still use some of these on stage now.


Classes for Children and Pregnant Mums

Upfront Per Term
Direct Deposit (Australia)
Online Credit Card
(All other countries)
4 Week Block
9 lessons, digital app access (activities to do at home, books and music)AUD$185.00
2 or more children from the same family in the same classAUD$250.00
Private Piano Tuition
Paid a term in advance
10 weeks per term
30 minutes per lesson
per lesson
plus books
Not available

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