Kindermusik Educators

We live in a world where science, and the methods we have to measure outcomes, changes almost daily. New discoveries are constantly being made and that’s why being a parent is a journey not a destination.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Research

All children are different and so as a Kindermusik educator, you need as much information as you can get to know how to cater to recognize and cater to various learning styles in your classroom. It is imperative that educators stay up to date with the latest information and how that relates to building brain connections in the children they teach.

Diana F Cameron loves pulling from the latest research, applying it to everyday challenges and igniting Kindermusik educators with a passion for providing the optimum learning environment through increased knowledge and skills.

New Training is being developed all the time so please do our free foundational course which will put you on the advanced list for when new training is released.

More Online Training Available:

1 hour foundational module on how our brain processes auditory information and what we can do to assist brain development

Coming 1 October, 2021

Coming 1 November 2021

Coming 1 December 2021

Coming 1 January 2022