Brain Story

What is Brain Story? Brain Story is the study of epigenetics and how early experiences shape our brains and influence our health for life. It explores the impact adverse early experiences have on later life in the area of mental and physical health and executive function.

What is Epigenetics? Epigenetics is an emerging area of scientific research that shows the impact of environmental influences on the expression of genes. While children inherit genes from their biological parents, the expression of those genes (whether and how they release the information they carry) is influenced by both positive and negative early experiences.

How Does Epigenetics Relate to Child Development?

Epigenetics Explains How Early Experiences Can Have Lifelong Impacts

Young Brains are Particularly Sensitive to Epigenetic Changes

Experiences very early in life, when the brain is developing most rapidly, cause epigenetic adaptations that influence whether, when, and how genes release their instructions for building future capacity for health, skills, and resilience.

By looking at the full “story” for an individual, it gives a more complete picture of where the road blocks might be occurring in the learning and what areas of the brain we need to target. We do this by using programs that work in conjunction with each other to achieved the desired outcome.