Baby Consultation

Join Diana in a one hour, 1 on 1 zoom call and learn all about your baby. A great opportunity to ask your own questions and gain information about any challenges you may be experiencing.

During this hour, you will learn the following:

  • The role of the auditory system on every facet of growth and learning
  • How movement helps to build brain connections and what types of movement are best for your baby
  • Activities you can do at home to stimulate your baby’s brain
  • The importance of steady beat as the foundation for later skills such as self-regulation
  • The importance of the bond between baby and caregiver and the impact that has on later life skills
  • How to teach concepts in a way that your baby’s brain can comprehend and learn from
  • The importance of calming activities and how to prevent overstimulation
  • What’s next? Things you can do moving forward to assist your baby’s brain development