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All children are different and so whether you are a parent or an educator working with children, you need as much information as you can to know how to cater to recognize your child’s learning style. It is imperative that you stay up to date with the latest information and how that relates to finding solutions to challenging circumstances while celebrating the victories.

Diana loves pulling from the latest research, applying it to everyday challenges and igniting parents with a passion for providing the optimum learning environment through increased knowledge and skills.



Insights Into Autism: A Window into your Child’s World AUDIOBOOK


We have a range of courses that we are adding to all the time. These are video and text based with a workbook to help guide you through.

Foundational training on how our brain interprets auditory information. 6 lessons, videos and downloads.

Module 2 comprising of 6 lessons in video and text format, 7 downloadable resources and activities

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