Prenatal to Adults

Choose from live, interactive online classes while you are pregnant right through until your child turns 6 years old. From the comfort of your own home, our zoom sessions allow you to form relationships with others, share ideas and learn about your child’s development.

Using instruments that can be found or made around the home, or others you may already have, we will dance, sing, move and laugh together as we build brain connections at every turn.

Voice From Within

Pregnant Mums (2nd trimester onwards)

Join Diana as she teaches activities and weekly classes which not only allow you to connect with other pregnant Mothers but educate you about your baby’s growing brain.

Learn how to protect your baby’s auditory system, and how to create the optimal environment for growing brain connections.

COMING SOON but please register your interest HERE

Kindermusik and Piano

Newborn to Adult

Kids Discover involves both Diana teaching interactive online classes for Kindermusik and piano for children and adults anywhere in the world. Our Kindermusik classes include digital at home materials so the learning and fun can continue 24/7.

Classes also include activity benefit statements and child development information, so you know exactly what each activity doing and how it is developing your growing child’s brain.

This then gives you the tools to know how to grow your child’s brain with activities at home.

NEW CLASSES STARTING so if the timetable doesn’t suit you, let Diana know!

Sound Therapy with Diana

Children 2+ years to adult

The Listening Program is a drug free, non-invasive therapy that trains the brain to process sensory input more effectively.

Being able to process sound correctly and efficiently is essential to not only the learning process but to our everyday lives.

Whether a child or adult has issues with sensory, emotional, or a range of learning difficulties, this program provides an avenue to enhance brain processing which can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, easier learning and a calmer central nervous system.