Toddlers: 1-3 Years

With our virtual classes, no matter where you are on the globe you can now access award winning, educational classes for your child from the comfort and safety of your home!

Our ​toddler music and sensory classes build brain connections and skills every lesson. You have heard lots about how music makes your baby smarter, but would you like to find out how? In our Kindermusik classes you will find out ways to activate that little mind of hers and what activities stimulate sight, auditory processing, coordination, balance and all the other things your child is going to need to develop life skills.

No travel, never missing a class because of sickness, and able to change my toddler in the middle of class….

Kids Discover online classes for toddlers is a no brainer!

Sensory stimulation is how your toddler learns and our classes that are on the go, changing activities every few minutes are designed to capture the best ways to help your child learn easily. As they giggle, jump, roll and dance, it will put a smile on your face. Build lifelong memories as you participate each week together.

Don’t think you will be sitting in front of your TV or computer watching me. This is about you interacting with your toddler and you have a whole house to do it in! As we jump like kangaroos, drive fast like cars or fly like birds, your child will love being in the familiar surroundings of home and exploring them in a different way.

Before class starts we have time to chat and children love showing me their home. They bring toys, books and other nick nacks to show me and the other children. As I spotlight them, they get to be the leader and show their classmates, developing important social skills.

Children are unmuted the entire time so I can hear their reactions and incorporate their ideas and creativity for others to follow.

Using either things around the home, or instruments that can be purchased, your child will love playing along to instrument activities, pretending to be animals or driving on tractors, or exploding their language through vocal play.