Early Childhood Professionals

While the content on this website is applicable to those in the early childhood field, it is primarily aimed at parents.

Our sister site Early Childhood Professional is primarily dedicated to those working in early childhood. Whether you are in childcare, daycare, home daycare, Kindergartens, Preschools or the early years in schools, the information on our dedicated site will help you. Pulling from all of Diana’s knowledge and experience, we are building a resource including information about:

  • Child Development
  • Behavior
  • Brain Development
  • Learning Differences
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Resources to help your teaching

We live in a world where science, and the methods we have to measure outcomes, changes almost daily. New discoveries are constantly being made and that’s why teaching is a journey not a destination.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Research

It is imperative that early childhood professionals stay up to date with the latest information and how that relates to their field.

Diana F Cameron loves pulling from the latest research, applying it to everyday challenges and igniting professionals with a renewed passion for teaching through increased knowledge and skills.

New Training is being developed all the time so please do our free foundational course which will put you on the advanced list for when new training is released.

Child Development Videos

While our videos will be placed on the website, early childhood professionals can also see our YouTube channel. Under playlists you will see one for early childhood professionals where all relevant videos will be kept.

Some of the Resources you will find on Early Childhood Professional