Autism & Behavioral Challenges

There are many things that can inhibit a child or teenager’s ability to learn. Many things are unseen such as autism, sensory challenges, auditory processing and central processing difficulties, learning delays and retained primitive reflexes are just a few. They may be invisible, but their impact on learning is huge. Many can be traced back to events in pregnancy, or soon after. It is rare to just have one challenge and many of them are often interwoven in a blanket that clouds thought processes and makes learning difficult.

Please visit our sister site, Uncover Autism that deals totally with autism for the best information. We offer a free course as well as a signature 9 week in depth course.

Autism, and Aspergers

Diana has worked with many children and teens with Autism and Aspergers and other conditions on the spectrum.. To take a more indepth look CLICK HERE

Diana has been working with children and teens with autism and a range of other challenges for over 30 years. She has experience with kids on the spectrum, retained primitive reflexes, auditory processing challenges, learning delays and behavioral challenges. Her experience and understanding not only stems from a therapeutic standpoint, but also as a mother of a child with learning challenges and as a sister of a special needs sibling, a brother with an acquired brain injury and a daughter in a family navigating those difficulties.

Diana uses a range of therapies from music (sound therapy), music and movement (classes which gradually teach skills and set the brain up for success) and movement therapy to work with retained reflexes. No person is the same as the next but with such a wide repertoire of experience, Diana is able to work out what each one needs.

Diana also believes in educating parents along the way, so they understand their child’s challenges (or themselves if they are an adult). It is with greater understanding that parents can change how they do things at home (while we work at changing the brain) resulting in an integrated approach to make family life easier.

Diana has been using Sound Therapy with clients with autism, learning and behavioral challenges since 2003 and found it successful in children, adolescents and adults. Her son has been using sound therapy for all that time and is now going through university studying finance with a Grade Point Average of 4.0. He is truly a testament of what is possible. Click through to see Cameron’s Journey.

Testing and Assessment

We use a battery of tests to find out exactly where the deficits in learning are occurring, so we know how to change the brain to facilitate better learning. It also gives us an accurate way to measure progress. Click to see the range of testing and assessment tools we use.

Learn more about Diana’s process and what to expect if you start working with her.